There's a dark side to

Mom's Day flowers


Christina Stembel, CEO and creator Farmgirl Flowers, is not really a farm girl, and she admits she discovered how to organize flowers "from the University of YouTube." Her floral e-commerce company is seeing revenue grow by 300 percent year over year.

As an outsider, Stembel spotted issues with the $4 billion dollar floral e-commerce industry and decided she could do better. Her company's pitch concentrates on its socially mindful company model, which pursues U.S.-sourced product and less waste.


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Memorial flowers can stay


The flowers can remain for now.

Peachland personnel eliminated flowers put on a teenage murder victim's memorial bench by her mother previously this month.

Ashlee Hyatt s mom, Charrie Fichter, has been leaving flowers on the waterfront bench for the last five years in remembrance. Visit for more info at

Hyatt was killed by one of her schoolmates at a houseparty in Peachland in 2010. The 2 women were 16 years old at the time. Hyatt s killer was convicted of manslaughter in 2013.

Peachland Mayor Cindy Fortin states the flowers must not have been taken without notice, regardless of a policy that prohibits leaving such products.


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Gift pots of different greens

and edible flowers


A summer season garden is an instant source of gifts. All of these take simply minutes to select as you’re heading out the door. To show extra love, throw in the bowl or basket.

Select an attractive container at a local garden center say, 12 to 18 inches large fill it with potting mix and plant it up for somebody who d love to grow a bit of fresh salad fixings on their doorstep or sunny patio. Make sure the pot has a hole in the bottom for drain.


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